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Ultimate Self Care
Your Guide To Caring for You!


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What We Do


  • Our community celebrates the simple and small moments of what makes life beautiful! ​

  • We have created a guide to caring for you: Mind, Body and Heart - to help maintain and sustain whole person wellness. 

  • We seek Happiness, Love, Beauty, Health and Wellness.

  • We have Monthly Podcasts, Stories, Treat Yourself Now Shop, Special Giveaways and Much More!!

New Here?
Where To Start?


“Let’s Connect 

The Dots ..." 


Take a look inside


the lives of everyday


people who share


their  ideas, insights,


and growth 


stemmed from 


life’s opportunities.


“The Moment 

I Knew…” 


Learn insider tips


and tricks from




and passionate


leaders in business,


health care, and


many other fields.


“What's my starting point, what steps do I take, and what is my action plan? 


Take a one minute


quiz to find out now. 

Get your score and


roadmap. Enhance


your own wellness: 


Mind, Body, Heart.

Just For You” 


on all U.S. Orders!!

We personally


sample, review,


then select products


that can enhance


the care of your 


Mind, Body, Heart. 

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Self Care Formula™



Keep Notes On Your 

Self Care Journey.  Keep your list of things to do

and notes on what your

next steps are.  Spiral - bound with lined paper. 

Join other members of

our community who are planning and living

happier and healthier



"Smooth Jelly Stud Buckle Crossbody Bag"


Imagine a purse that is so beautiful that it can command attention without even trying. 


Available in 7 colors - order one color, two colors or all of the colors: Black, Blue, White, Lilac, Green, Fuchsia, Nude.


Versatile, gorgeous and perfect. 

Fashion Fashion

"Breeze Crop Top and Palazzo Pants Set"


"Breeze" into the room

with this stunning Crop Top and Plazzo Pants Set.


Make a statement without saying anything at all. 

Made In the U.S.A

Featuring: Short Sleeves,

Mid Rise, Wide Leg

Palazzo Pant


"Organic Tea Set - Mini Self Care Gift"

This set includes seven teas, formulated to energize each of the seven Chakras.  If you love rainbows - you'll love the look of this beautiful set.  Mailed with repurposed shipping materials.


What People Are Saying...

T.C., San Francisco, CA

Thank you for inviting me to your shop.  I found several items I used as gifts .  Every gift was a hit.  We can all use some self care and a treat now and then.

Wonderful and colorful.  Motivating and wholesome self care content for better well-being.

E.K., Ewa Beach, Oahu

Just received my "I Do Believe..." journal yesterday - so excited to write my next chapter.  Very high quality. And best prices too!  Thank you! 

T.S., New York, NY

Best prices and best quality I've seen.  Insanely creative and unique products that I am enjoying. Wish I knew about this sooner.

D.K., Maui,

M.H., Union
City, CA

I love my products. High quality and arrived as expected.  Just ordered again. I can't wait for my package.  I found so many helpful, interesting and fun items.


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