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 Our Story


Some years ago, while traveling along the coast, 

We (Alana & Johnette)

stopped and stood right here to look out at the horizon. 

While looking out at the clouds, we shared our vision for designing 

an innovative and integrative wellness model, called

"Ultimate Self Care Formula™".​

From that day forward,​

we started reading, researching, and speaking with 

everyone we could to truly understand 

how to renew and revitalize ourselves and our lives. 

Where do I start?

1. Read "Let's Connect the Dots" Stories:

Take a look inside the lives of everyday people 

who share their ideas, insights, and growth stemmed

from life opportunities. 

2. Listen to "The Moment I Knew" Podcast

Learn insider tips and tricks from successful, dynamic and passionate leaders in business, health care, and many other fields.  

3. Visit Our Fresh Joys Shop

Give a gift to yourself, family, and friends from each of the

collections designed to enhance the care of your Mind, Body, & Heart.  

4. Take the "Roadmap to Rise"Quiz

What is my starting point? What steps do I take? What is my action plan? 

This one minute quiz provides you with a personalized guide to your

"Ultimate Self Care Formula™" in order to sustain and maintain

"whole person" (mind, body, & heart) wellness. 

Take this quiz to find out.

There are 54 possible unique formulas and there is one waiting for you! 

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We are 
A Mother & Daughter

I am so excited to share what I've learned through the years. 

I was born and raised on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

A deep love and respect for the land and nature are very

important to me.

My self care reflects the holistic approaches I learned growing

up in this wonderful place. Being in nature near water, trees, and wind help me most.

Over the years, I've experienced many wonderful people, places, and practices. My career includes working with and for healthcare providers as well as other businesses in the roles of COO, CFO, Executive Director, and Consultant.  My emphasis has been on continuous improvement, quality management, and project management.

Besides the wonderful people in my life, Health is my greatest asset and what I am most grateful for.  

I am so happy you're here. 


Johnette            Alana 

Welcome everyone! 

After receiving a

Masters in Health Innovation,

I am now pursuing my

doctoral degree.

My self care is centered on creativity, imagination, and growth. I find joy in life's little moments like listening to birds on my patio as I drink my morning cup of coffee. 

Over the years, I have served as a United States Student Ambassador, as well as a National Organization President. I have also worked with healthcare and academic organizations to create leadership programs that center on self care, mindfulness, and stress management.

Ultimate Self Care Formula™ fosters exploration, expression, and healing through understanding what works best for you. 

I am so excited you are on this journey with us! 


USCF™- SLN LLC 2015 (Copyrighted).png

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All primary photographs and writing are produced and copyrighted by SNL and USCF™, 2015.

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